Nancy Clarke
Principal Broker
541-269-1601 Ext.209


A native Oregonian, Nancy was born and raised in Portland. She arrived in Coos Bay in 1970 when her husband began his career with Weyerhaeuser as a forester. During her 48 years of living in this area, she has seen the fortunes of the towns and townspeople rise and fall with the economic and social turns of the times. At one time Coos Bay was known as the largest lumber shipping port in the world with the mills along the bay running at full speed. Then in the late 1980s environmental concerns brought the timber industry to an abrupt halt, and the fishing industry suffered a similar fate. Workers were laid off, families left the area for better paying jobs, and businesses struggled. Fast forward to the present and the area seems to be experiencing a resurgence of fortune. In the hectic, overcrowded, competitive culture of today, Coos Bay and North Bend present a prescription for healthy living: less traffic, moderate weather, outdoor activities for stress release, doctors and medical facilities, a community college and lots of ways to contribute your gifts. It’s a place for you to GIVE as well as RECEIVE. Nancy would enjoy showing you what this area has to offer.